Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ghostbusters Cubees Series 6

Grab these Ghost Hunters/Ghostbusters here:

This series of Ghostbusters is based off of the people from Ghost Hunters. In my own version of the Ghost Hunters universe, I would leave them in the New England area, and also have them still have their reality show. This time around, though, since it's in the GB Universe, we'd see actual apparitions making faces and causing mischief and the Ghost Hunters/GB would be using the GhostBuster equipment to capture the ghosts. This group is based off of the best group that the show has ever had on it.

All of these characters appear here for the first time in Cubee form (in GhostBuster form, that is as CyberDrone has previously made all of these characters before as Ghost Hunters Cubees only)!!

All Illustrations copyright Joshua Wolf, 2000

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