Friday, June 24, 2011

Ghostbusters Cubees Series 5

Once again, following my universe/version of the Ghostbusters, these characters are also in New York along with Egon and the gang... These Ghostbusters would be known as "The Other Ghostbusters" and are a rival ghostbusting company in New York... Now, I know they're the originals and should be given the name over the movie characters, BUT the movie characters had 2 movies, a cartoon series that lasted over 100 episodes, comics, video games, etc... All the Filmation characters had were the 65 episodes cartoon series, the live action series with their dads as the characters and some action figures... Just sayin' that the other group gets the name since they're better known/more popular in general. No offense to the Filmation characters in ANY way... And as far as Tracy the gorilla existing in a world with the other Ghostbusters, according to one of the people that worked on the show, Tracy was a gorilla from the future w/ human intelligence. I can buy that... ;^)

Grab Filmation's Ghostbusters here:

You can also get the arch-enemy Prime Evil here with a DeviantArt account, as he is exclusive to that site!!

All of these characters appear here for the first time in Cubee form!!

All Illustrations copyright Joshua Wolf, 2000

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