Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ghostbusters Cubees Series 4

This group of Ghostbusters is based off of the Extreme Ghostbusters characters (I also have Louis Tully in here, as I wanted him to be a Cubee as well, but didn't have any other line with less than 5 characters). In my Ghostbusters universe, these characters move to Seattle after training with Egon and Janine... Essentially, after the Back in the Saddle two parter, the originals get back together, the new team moves away, and this could all lead into Ghostbusters 3... Assuming that ever gets made... Fans of the Extreme Ghostbusters will notice costume changes on Eduardo and Kylie... I essentially feel the Ghostbusters uniform should be a uniform and not open to being different for each character... Plus, I felt Kylie's uniform looked ridiculous and made her look as though she was getting ready to either umpire a baseball game or go play some football... Eduardo just looked like a lazy @$$hole who couldn't be bothered to get ready for work in the morning... Just my opinion!!

Grab the Extreme Team plus Louis here:

Also grab the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in larger Cubee form with a DeviantArt account (as he's a DA exclusive!!):

All of these characters appear here for the first time in Cubee form!!

All Illustrations copyright Joshua Wolf, 2000

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