Friday, July 22, 2011

60's Batman Tv Series Cubees Series 4

Grab the villains from the 1960's series here:

You can also get the here only with a DeviantArt account.

All of these characters appear here for the first time in Cubee form (in this incarnation)!!

All Illustrations copyright Joshua Wolf, 2000


  1. You are maybe the only person on the planet more OCD about this kind of stuff than me. Your stuff is truly amazing. Keep it up.
    Only suggestion: Do the super hero team that spun off from Dexter's Lab. on Cartoon Network.

  2. HA!! I happen to just have A LOT of extra time while I'm working... I can't say who I work for exactly (since they'd probably get upset), but I take phone calls and have a TON of time to draw while taking them. I may very well do the Justice Friends in the future... I DID do Dial M for Monkey in series 7 of the Legendary Comic Book Heroes... Looks like that was Feb of 2011...